PKI Assessment

Assessment for your current PKI

PKI assessment for Microsoft Windows Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCSA)
PKI is typically one of those services that is installed and often forgotten about, or implemented with out-of-the box configuration. In our experience it’s not until something fails or a more critical certificate requirement arises that customers start to look in detail at their PKI. Staff moves, lost documentation and general lack of skills are all common reasons for PKI disasters. With this service we want to address the common pitfalls and assist you with developing a documented, working PKI with solid procedures to ensure the potential for failure are minimized and ensure the PKI is more suitable to support future requirements.

Our offerings start with our PKI assessment and advisory service to help clients better understand their security gaps, build a roadmap for improvement and choose the right solution to meet their specific requirements:
Assessing current PKI health status;
Validating current PKI design and settings against vendor best practices;
Evaluation of any gaps;
Documentation review;
Procedures assessment;
A detailed report provides customer with a snapshot view of their current PKI implementation.